At KeyJob, all of us work for one boss-our client! Prime importance is given to all our clients; making sure the best HR powers their business. Generally, products in the market are under a guarantee for a particular period of time. But our guarantee lasts a lifetime!!
All new searches will include a written commitment to deliver an appropriate short list of candidates, within an agreed upon timeframe after receipt of the signed contract. The short list will meet criteria of the approved position profile.
Our service's standards, guarantees, and flexible approach to business are the basis of our successful partnerships with clients and candidates alike.
Our systematic screening process ensures that we:
• Understand the organization with regard to existing business activities, organization structure & culture, and future growth plans.
• Map position-specific competencies including job title, key result areas, reporting structure, job specification, compensation, location and other relevant details.
• Screen candidates on a one-to-one basis by drawing up competency profiles.
• Conduct Competency-based interviews and prepare a shortlist with recommendations to the client.


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